Many Louisiana families distraught over immigration detention

One can only imagine the grief of being at home, or some public place, with family members, enjoying time together, when immigration officials suddenly show up and place a father, mother or other family member in handcuffs. Incidents like this happen all the time in Louisiana and across the country, with many people locked in immigration detention facilities and subject to deportation. There have even been immigrants who entered the United States legally only to be arrested and slated for removal; many have been able to rectify their situations, but not without great challenge.

One of the first things an undocumented person can do if taken into custody by enforcement officers is to request a meeting with an experienced immigration and naturalization law attorney. There is a strong support network in place with advocates who can act for those immigrants facing legal problems or possible deportation. Sometimes, just knowing you have a personal advocate by your side can help alleviate stress.

Many immigrants in this state and beyond live in fear that they will be pulled over in a traffic stop or while running an errand and wind up behind bars in detention facilities. There is no lack of stories in the media regarding various immigrants who were taken away by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers as loved ones looked on in tears, feeling helpless and afraid. Affected families need not lose hope, however, as there are often several options available for overcoming legal status problems.

In Louisiana, Shelby Law Firm has successfully assisted many people who faced legal problems related to immigration detention. If you would like to discuss a particular legal matter, you may request a meeting by using the contact form conveniently located on our website. A consultation with an experienced attorney is often the first step toward a positive solution.