Man hoping for asylum says he fears being kidnapped

Immigration officials have dropped off hundreds of immigrants at a bus station in another state. Various advocate groups have stepped forward to help these people whose ultimate goal is to seek asylum in the United States. Thousands of Louisiana immigrants may recall similar journeys.

One man was receiving staple supplies and respite at the bus station said his brother had been kidnapped. The man fled his country of origin to avoid a similar fate and hopes that by entering the United states, he will be protected. A father carrying an 18-month-old son, the man walked for 27 days, then sought asylum at a U.S. border. Many of the asylum seekers arrived at the bus station after being recently released from detention centers.

Hundreds of other immigrants were receiving care at the same location as this man, with such care being provided by local church groups and other volunteers. Many were parents with young children and infants with them. Witnesses say they saw a lot people without shoes or proper clothing for their journeys north, especially since colder weather has set in.

As many immigrants in Louisiana can attest, the asylum process is often complex. Someone who has sought protection from the United States government may have to wait weeks or months before his or her case is fully processed. There is legal support available for people in such situations. In fact, allowing an experienced immigration law attorney to act on one’s behalf is often a means toward obtaining a swifter and more positive outcome.