Immigration roundups possible in the near future

Many immigrants live in Louisiana and other parts of the United States in fear that they will face deportation. Unfortunately, these immigration concerns are valid as numerous policy changes and actions against immigrants are taking place across the country. In fact, recent reports indicate that approximately one million immigrants with removal orders could be deported in the near future.

The acting director of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services indicated that Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents are ready to “perform their mission” in regard to locating, detaining and deporting about one million individuals who have removal orders. However, all these individuals may not face deportation. The acting director indicated that the operations that ICE will carry out will target specific individuals with removal orders, but those individuals had apparently not yet been determined.

The current presidential administration had discussed “roundups” of undocumented individuals, and the president recently indicated that these actions may take place in the near future. It is expected that raids in major cities will occur as part of these roundups. There are concerns that such actions could cause significant upset as families with mixed statuses, or those that include individuals with citizenship, could be negatively affected.

The idea of deportation may have many immigrants in Louisiana and elsewhere concerned about their livelihood. Though these raids are supposed to specifically target individuals with deportation orders issued from judges, complications could result. Individuals with concern about this immigration issue may wish to consult with attorneys experienced in this area of law to discuss their specific cases.