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Immigration detention is not this man's only problem

Louisiana immigrants who arrived to this state without proper paperwork in order undoubtedly understand what it is like to live life, looking over a shoulder. If a police officer or other member of authority approaches, it may cause stress levels to soar, thinking an arrest may be imminent. Sometimes, immigration detention issues intersect with criminal charges.  

Immigration detention problem has a man's wife quite worried

A woman who married an immigrant two years ago is now working tirelessly to try to secure her husband's release from a detainment center in another state. He wound up behind bars when Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents surrounded him on his way to work. They were in an unmarked vehicle and blocked his path of travel, with several men -- claiming to be agents -- storming toward him and commanding him to get out of his car. The immigration detention situation began with a minor traffic stop several months earlier. Louisiana residents facing similar problems may want to follow this case.              

Are you worried about an immigration detention situation?

Louisiana residents who follow immigration news have likely read recent stories about family members being separated when Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers show up unannounced at people's homes, workplaces or other locations. Immigration detention is a serious concern for many immigrants in this state and others. Numerous issues can prompt an arrest, such as the expiration of a visa, employment without proper documentation or a failed marriage interview.

Immigration detention finally ends for delivery driver

In July of this year, a young father of two was carrying out his normal duties during his pizza delivery shift. That particular day, his route included a stop to a U.S. army base. The man's life took a sudden turn for the worse when he was arrested and sent to an immigration detention center. Any Louisiana family that includes someone whose legal status is not secure may want to review this case.  

Suicide is problematic in numerous immigration detention centers

If a Louisiana family has a loved one who is currently detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials, it is only natural that family members may worry about their loved one's safety and well-being. After all, some situations result in family members never seeing a loved one again. It is understandable that such situations cause families (even those whose paperwork is in good standing) a lot of stress. A problem that remains ongoing at numerous immigration detention centers is suicide.  

Misdemeanor charge leads to immigration detention situation

The federal government has stated that immigrants who have been convicted of violent crimes are targeted for deportation. However, Louisiana immigrants and their families may want to be aware that those who are charged with misdemeanors also seem to be at risk for immigration detention. A situation that recently unfolded in another state is evidence of this. 

Parents of five now worried about immigration detention

A married couple who emigrated from Mexico to live in the United States some years ago are the parents of five children. Several of their children were born in the United States. In fact, the youngest child only recently made his entrance into the world in a situation that quickly became stressful when his father was led away by immigration detention officers. Anyone in Louisiana currently facing detention problems may want to follow this case.

Facing immigration detention problems in Louisiana?

If the U.S. government suspects you of unauthorized entry into the United States, it may take immediate action against you. Part of that action will likely involve taking you to an immigration detention facility in Louisiana or elsewhere. While your detention does not necessarily mean you are going to be deported, it definitely means it is a possibility, unless you are able to rectify your situation.

Immigration detention should not cause death

Louisiana immigrants may be among many others throughout the nation who have grown increasingly concerned about substandard conditions in many of the nation's detainment facilities. Immigration detention is used by the U.S. government to house people whose legal statuses are in question. However, stories of unsanitary and abusive conditions in many detention centers have continued to surface in recent months, including a situation involving the death of a young child.

Outcry from U.S. senators over immigration detention situation

Thousands of immigrants in Louisiana and across the nation are currently detained. Sometimes, a single member of one family or entire families are housed in immigration detention centers while they wait for their hearing dates to resolve any number of issues, most involving legal status. A recent outpouring of support on behalf of detained immigrants came from several U.S. senators who say that there is ample evidence many detained immigrants are being mistreated.  

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