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Immigration detention centers found in deplorable conditions

Though many individuals come to Louisiana and other parts of the United States in hopes of finding better lives, that it not always their initial experience. Some people could find themselves in immigration detention for various reasons and wonder whether they made the right choice in coming to this country. Unfortunately, the state of many detention centers may only enforce this concern.

Some in immigration detention face legal aid restrictions

Coming to the United States from another country is a major step. Unfortunately, the current political climate is making it difficult for individuals to feel welcome in Louisiana and other parts of the country, and many immigrants wind up in immigration detention. Understandably, they may feel frightened and uncertain during this time.

Immigration detention is currently a hot topic in Louisiana

Louisiana Governor Jon Bel Edwards said he and others have worked hard to lower the state's ranking as the nation's highest incarceration state. About a year after making such comments, the governor's goals were accomplished. While there are now fewer people behind bars for criminal offenses, at least three new immigration detention facilities have opened throughout the state, thus leading to projections that there will soon be more immigrant detainees housed here than any other state except for one.

Asylum seekers in immigration detention face blocks to bond

Individuals looking to better their lives often face numerous hurdles. These hardships are especially prevalent for individuals hoping to obtain asylum in the United States. Lately, many of these people end up in immigration detention, and changes to detention policies may leave them feeling more helpless.

Release date given to flight attendant in immigration detention

Immigrants in Louisiana and across the country face many uncertainties. Even if they believe that they are safe and secure from immigration detention, deportation or other similar possibilities, they may be shocked to find themselves in such scenarios. As a result, they may need assistance to find the best ways to handle their ordeals.

Several men in immigration detention being force-fed

Many people who come to the United States from other countries do so out of desperation. Unfortunately, while they come to Louisiana and other parts of the country in hopes of finding better lives, many individuals often end up in immigration detention. During their time in such facilities, they may continue to feel at risk rather than finding the safe relief they had initially hoped for.

Even US citizens can end up in immigration detention

Being detained by authorities can be an anxiety-inducing situation for anyone. For individuals in immigration detention, the predicament may seem even more harrowing because they may face the possibility of deportation. However, even U.S. citizens could end up in this type of detention and be kept for days, if not longer.

A man and his son have been placed in immigration detention

Many Louisiana households include members who emigrated to the United States from other countries. Some, in particular, are currently facing immigration detention problems regarding legal status issues or other matters. A father and son in another state are trying to resolve similar problems.

Families set for release from immigration detention

Immigrant advocates in Louisiana may be among those who have long decried U.S. immigration law as being in need of reform. Immigration detention is a particularly controversial topic that has been in the headlines for some time now. In fact, there have been raging debates regarding tens of thousands of families and individuals who recently arrived at various U.S. borders, many of whom who were then taken into custody by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers.

Why are children dying in immigration detention centers?

Most Louisiana residents, and others across the country who follow U.S. news headlines, are aware that tens of thousands of immigrants have been traveling to the nation's borders, in the hope of escaping lives of poverty and danger in exchange for safer and better futures for themselves and their families. The problem is that not every immigrant achieves his or her goals, and in many situations, it is because they or their family members suffer injury, illness or death while being held in immigration detention facilities. Recently, several children have died in such places, prompting U.S. Customs and Border Protection to order medical evaluations of every child in its custody.

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