Immigration detention concern of many in Louisiana

U.S. immigration laws are not set in stone; in fact, these laws are constantly evolving and a number are likely to change in the near future. Immigration detention is a process that has also gone through many changes in recent years. Most recently, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program is slated to end in the near future, causing many Louisiana immigrants to worry.

It is not only undocumented immigrants who fear deportation. To the contrary, many people with permanent residency visas, and even naturalized citizens, have reported problems regarding their statuses and deportation laws. Undocumented immigrants are definitely most at risk, however, and many say they live in constant fear that they will leave their homes and come back to find one or more family members missing.

Every person living in the United States has a right to due process under the law. Many immigrants believe their rights are being undermined in detention situations. Stories of immigration officers showing up at people’s workplaces or homes and taking mothers, fathers or grandparents away in handcuffs are easy to find in the news. It begs the question whether anything can be done to avoid removal, and what types of support exist for those facing current legal problems?

Shelby Law Firm is located in Louisiana and is fully prepared to assist those facing immigration detention problems in this state. Clear understanding of both federal and state immigration laws allows us to provide strong support for immigrants and their families as they try to overcome any number of immigration-related obstacles. If you or your family member is currently facing a removal threat, you may request a meeting with one of our experienced attorneys.