Federal judge issues US immigration law ruling to block action

Immigrants and immigrant advocates in Louisiana and throughout the nation may be closely following political updates regarding the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. This particular issue has been an item of contention where U.S. immigration law is concerned, especially since the new presidential administration took office. In a ruling that recently evoked strong emotions on both sides, a federal judge has blocked the current administration’s attempt to eliminate DACA.

A request was filed in a U.S. District Court that the president’s attempt to do away with DACA be halted until certain lawsuits have been fully litigated. Attorneys acting on the behalves of the plaintiffs stated that many young immigrants in the United States will likely suffer irreparable damage if the DACA program is rescinded. A spokesperson for the executive office said she finds the federal judge’s decision completely outrageous.

As it stands, DACA has provided temporary legal status protection to approximately 800,000 or more young immigrants who were brought to the United States as infants or children alongside undocumented adults. The Justice Department says it will continue to aggressively defend its position that DACA should end. The department also issued a public statement saying the federal court’s decision in no way negates the agency’s power to do so.

Many Louisiana immigrants and others believe DACA recipients pose the least amount of threat to national security and should therefore be allowed to continue. Since U.S. immigration law is complex and often changes, anyone facing a particular problem may want to seek guidance from someone well versed in current regulations. An experienced immigration attorney would be able to provide counsel and support regarding any issue related to the topic.

Source: wafb.com, “Judge blocks Trump decision to end young immigrant program”, Sudhin Thanawala, Andrew Dalton, Jan. 10, 2018