What are the biggest threats to estate planning?

Planning for the future can be complicated and overwhelming, and this is why many Louisiana adults avoid this process. They may assume they don’t really need an estate plan for their specific stage of life, and they may hesitate to move forward with putting certain protections in place. This hesitancy and family conflict are major threats to estate planning, but it is not the only concern. Health care costs and medical needs are also a growing issue for those planning for the future.

Derailing planning efforts

Family conflict and disputes over documents can quickly derail estate planning efforts. This can lead to lengthy legal fights and stressful complications that will affect everyone connected with the estate. Additionally, a decedent’s failure to plan for certain things can also lead to complications for heirs and beneficiaries in the future. Those were listed as the main concerns and threats to estate planning in a survey of industry professionals.

Conflict, failure to communicate plans and lack of planning are no longer considered the biggest threats. Professionals agree that health care costs, expenses associated with medical care and longer life expectancy can significantly impact the effectiveness of estate planning efforts. Louisiana adults would be wise to consider these issues when creating long-term legal and financial solutions.

The right help is key

It is key to have the right help in estate planning. Professional guidance can prove invaluable when navigating the challenges that arise when creating a strategy that will make sense long-term. Health care and other potential expenses should now be a critical part of any long-range financial and legal planning efforts as this can prevent a range of complications for the entire family.