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How does one draft a living will? 

Part of planning for the future includes making plans for what will happen in the event one is unable to express wishes regarding health care and medical needs for himself or herself. A living will is an estate planning document that allows a Louisiana adult to make specific types of plans in case of a medical emergency or incapacitation. It provides one the opportunity to control certain things and have the final say in certain critical decisions. 

Who needs one? 

A living will is ideal for individuals who wish to control specific types of medical procedures, such as life-saving interventions, blood transfusions or other types of care. This document can contain specific instructions that will make it difficult for loved ones to navigate times when a loved one may be severely injured or ill. It can provide peace of mind and security for those for whom control over medical decisions is very important. 

What is in a living will depend on what is important to that individual. It could include terms that deal with palliative care, use of CPR and much more. This document can also include instructions for post-death issues, such as organ donation. 

The ideal estate plan 

What is ideal for an estate plan depends on the goals and objectives of the individual Louisiana adult. In many cases, a living will should be an important part of a complete plan. An assessment of the individual situation can reveal what elements are needed for protection and security for years in the future.