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Power of attorney: An important part of a complete estate plan

People often assume all they need in order to have a complete estate plan is a will. In reality, there are other tools available that will allow them to have more long-term control over certain things, such as what happens to their stuff and what type of medical care they want. Louisiana adults who are developing or updating an estate plan may benefit from adding a power of attorney as well.

A power of attorney is a document that names an individual to act on behalf of a Louisiana adult who may be unable to speak or act because of incapacitation. It is possible to have a power of attorney just for financial decisions, as well as a health care power of attorney that names someone to make important medical decisions for someone who is severely injured or ill. There is also a general power of attorney.

It is an immense responsibility to make important decisions pertaining to medical care and finances for someone else. When drafting this document, it is prudent to consider who would be best for this role and make the most carefully considered decisions. It is possible to update this designation if circumstances change over time.

A power of attorney is only one part of a complete estate plan. Louisiana adults who are crafting plans may find it helpful to first speak with an experienced attorney about their options. An assessment of the individual case and specific goals can determine what tools are necessary for security and peace of mind now and well into the future.