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Help Setting Up Your Estate Plan

Discussing our own mortality is often uncomfortable. This uneasiness grows when the discussion turns to our parents and other loved ones. However, planning for the future using estate planning tools, such as wills, can help to ease your mind.

At the Shelby Law Firm, we understand the concerns our clients for these topics. For that reason, we make every effort to ease the discomfort of our clients and help them gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing their wishes will be carried out after they are gone.

Benefits Of Estate Planning

Despite the difficulty of a conversation discussing death, estate planning has many benefits. We help our clients create wills to help ensure that their property will be distributed in accordance with their wishes. Knowing there will not be confusion during the probate and succession process is reassuring and  Knowing that the lawyers helping them create their wills are respectful of their concerns, including the need for privacy and sensitivity, eases the process of creating a will.

Experienced Estate Planning Attorneys

Our lawyers respect our clients’ privacy, time and concerns. Clients can be sure that when they come to the Shelby Law Firm, we take their concerns very seriously and can be trusted with very personal information. If a client needs a simple will or needs a will probated, clients find caring attorneys committed to serving them. At our firm, our lawyers are dedicated to providing excellent customer service. This means we answer phone calls promptly, take time to work with clients individually and commit ourselves to helping clients understand the law so they can make the best decisions for themselves.

Contact Estate Planning Attorneys

Our diverse law firm is proud of our dedication to serving our clients. When clients understand the law, they can make better decisions for themselves. The Shelby Law Firm serves clients in the Shreveport area, Monroe area, Alexandria area, Baton Rouge area, Lafayette area, Lake Charles area and New Orleans area. Our clients receive personal service from our Prairieville estate planning attorneys who are committed to taking the confusion out of the law. Contact us for a free initial consultation with a Baton Rouge last will and testament attorney at 225-757-5654.