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Staying past visa expiration date violates US immigration law

Coming to the United States from another country can happen in various ways and for different reasons. Some people may come to Louisiana or other parts of the country for work or vacation, and in some cases, individuals who obtain visas for such purposes may overstay those visas. As a result, they may be violating U.S. immigration law, but many people often think of undocumented immigrants as people who sneak into the country illegally.

Even if individuals enter the country through proper means, such as by obtaining a temporary visa, they can fall into the category of undocumented immigrants if they overstay those visas. In fact, it is estimated that approximately half of the almost 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States simply stayed in the country after their visas expired. However, it is often the individuals who cross the border that are typically thought of when it comes to not following immigration laws.

It can be difficult for immigration services to know who has remained in the country past their visa expiration date because they have not had much data on who left the country in the correct time frame. It was reported that the Department of Homeland Security is gaining more information on that matter. As a result, it may be wise for individuals who have overstayed their visas to consider their options.

In many cases, individuals who remain in the country past their visa expiration date did not enter the country with the intention of staying illegally. However, if they do remain, it is important that they take steps to adjust their immigration status. Individuals in this type of predicament may want to speak with Louisiana attorneys experienced in U.S. immigration law for assistance.