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Immigration detention centers face claim of unsanitary conditions

Being detained in any capacity can be nerve-wracking. When individuals from other countries come to the United States in hopes of finding help, they may end up in more difficult predicaments than they faced back home. Unfortunately, this may be what many individuals feel as they are held in immigration detention centers in Louisiana and other states.

A recent report gave accounts of two individuals who have experienced these detention centers. The two individuals are doctors from Cuba, and they do not know each other but have had similar experiences. They stated that individuals being held in these centers do not receive proper health care and live in unsanitary conditions. These claims were made in a class action lawsuit relating to the practices of ICE detention.

One of the men indicated that the center where he was detained had mold growing on the walls and a persistent water leak that contributed to the problem. Rather than addressing the mold, the wall was simply repainted two months later. The pooled water also caused one detainee to slip and fall, resulting in him breaking both arms. Additional claims indicate that detainees’ health concerns were not taken seriously. The claims are being disputed by the prison company.

Immigration detention can be frightening on a number of levels, and as this report shows, individuals may face serious threats to their well-being while being detained. Understandably, any immigrant being held in Louisiana would want to know what legal options could help. Concerned parties may want to reach out to immigration law attorneys to determine what they could do to address their situations.