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Risk of deportation has abuse survivors afraid of coming forward

Anyone could become the victim of domestic violence, including immigrants. Unfortunately, many immigrants in Louisiana and other parts of the country find themselves in a difficult predicament when it comes to reporting this and other types of abuse. They may worry that if they come forward with claims, they will put themselves at risk of deportation.

A recent report indicated this fear is prevalent among immigrants, especially during the current political climate. They often worry that if they contact the authorities, their immigration statuses will come into question and that they could end up being removed from the country and separated from their children. Many immigrants have also expressed worry that they will face additional abuse as retaliation for making reports to the police.

Though there are protections in place for individuals in this type of situation, such as the Violence Against Women Act, numerous immigrants are afraid that those protections will not hold up under the continual policy changes recently taking place. In fact, 76% of immigrant abuse survivors who participated in a survey indicated that they were fearful of contacting the police for help. People in this situation already feel vulnerable, and they understandably worry about exposing themselves further.

In many cases, domestic violence survivors and other crime victims may qualify for U-visas depending on their circumstances. If they are worried about reaching out to police for help, they may want to contact Louisiana immigration attorneys who can help them understand how to make claims and work to protect themselves. Having these advocates on their sides may help intimidated parties better assess the risk of deportation and how to get the help they need.