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Asylum seekers continue to wait outside the borders

For many Louisiana residents, waiting is the hardest part when hoping that something will occur. For individuals seeking asylum in the United States, they may find themselves waiting for months before they can even begin the process to find safety in this country. Unfortunately, their struggles only continue.

Because of the many immigration law policies and changes that have affected asylum in recent months, many individuals looking to enter the country remain waiting outside the border. In eight cities along the southern border, 13,000 immigrants are waiting to get into the United States. Some are sleeping in tents, and others have indicated that they face threats of kidnapping by gangs and experience shakedowns. Some individuals know that they may have to wait months in order to reach the country legally.

Due to the limited number of asylum cases accepted each day, the waiting lines grow long. Individuals in some cities go through days in which no one is processed to begin the asylum process. Even in cities where progress is being made, there is no way to predict how many people on the waiting list will be allowed through each day.

Individuals in this situation undoubtedly feel as if their numbers may never be called. Unfortunately, seeking asylum is becoming a more difficult process, and immigrants hoping to reach the U.S. borders safely may begin to feel discouraged. Fortunately, interested parties can seek assistance throughout their cases from experienced Louisiana immigration law attorneys. Having professional assistance could help asylum seekers and their families understand their best options.