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US government working to appeal block of asylum policy change

The current climate regarding immigration has numerous people in Louisiana and elsewhere on edge. In particular, individuals hoping to obtain asylum in the United States are undoubtedly focused on the series of proposal changes, blocks to those changes and appeals currently affecting this area of immigration law. Unfortunately, it does not appear that a set outcome regarding certain policies is happening soon.

It was previously reported that the current presidential administration is attempting to have asylum seekers stay in Mexico while their cases are being processed in the United States. More recently, a judge ruled that this change could violate U.S. laws because it does not take into consideration the dangers that asylum seekers face while waiting outside the country. However, that ruling was recently put on hold while it is being appealed in federal court.

Civil liberties groups and the U.S. government will have the opportunity to submit their arguments as to why the policy to keep asylum seekers in Mexico should not or should be upheld. Unfortunately, it could take an extended amount of time to reach an outcome for this case. As a result, those hopeful of obtaining asylum may also feel fearful about their cases.

Seeking asylum is not an easy process in itself, and with the proposed changes and lack of solid outcomes, many people may feel confused about what their futures could hold. This feeling is understandable, and numerous individuals may wonder if there is nothing they can do. It may be wise for these parties to obtain help from Louisiana legal professionals so they can continue to work on their cases and stay up-to-date on law changes.