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Asylum seekers in immigration detention face blocks to bond

Individuals looking to better their lives often face numerous hurdles. These hardships are especially prevalent for individuals hoping to obtain asylum in the United States. Lately, many of these people end up in immigration detention, and changes to detention policies may leave them feeling more helpless.

Louisiana residents may be interested in a recent report indicating that Attorney General William Barr has issued a decision regarding asylum seekers’ ability to pursue bond after being placed in immigration detention. The decision revoked the ability to ask an immigration judge for release from detention on bond for those who entered the country without following the proper procedures. At the time of the report, the decision had 90 days before it would go into effect.

This decision, if upheld, would result in asylum seekers having to remain in detention for the weeks or months it can take for an immigration judge to hear their cases. An alternative to this outcome would be for Immigration and Customs Enforcement to allow for asylum seekers to obtain release on parole. It was noted that the American Civil Liberties Union plans to fight against this decision.

It may understandably seem like individuals hoping to come to the United States only face roadblock after roadblock. Having to remain in immigration detention may also make them feel as if they have no control over their situations. If interested, they may want to contact experienced immigration attorneys in Louisiana in efforts to better understand the policy changes currently taking place as well as their legal options for reaching the best outcomes possible.