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You may be able to waive inadmissibility as an immigrant

The United States immigration system is very complicated, and even those who work hard and play by the rules may find it difficult to gain legal admission to the country. For many people, applying for admission is a long and frustrating journey, only to be told that they are inadmissible.

If your visa application or application for some other immigration benefit gets denied, you may still have the opportunity to obtain the visa or benefit by using an I-601 waiver. The I-601 waiver is also called the Application for Waiver of Grounds of Inadmissibility.

It is important to have a strong understanding of immigration laws and processes while you prepare your waiver. Make sure to use good legal resources and seek high-quality counsel as you need it, to protect your rights and increase your chances of success.

Who qualifies to use an I-601 Waiver?

An important part of navigating immigration in the U.S. is making sure that you use the proper forms and request the status and privileges that apply in your case. If you already received a notice that you are inadmissible, you should consider your options carefully before attempting to use the I-601 waiver.

The waiver may apply to many different people, such as:

  • Individuals barred from entry for previous unlawful presence in the U.S.
  • Individuals who interviewed for an immigrant, K, or V visa and were found inadmissible in the interview
  • Individuals accused of being alien smugglers
  • Individuals facing a civil penalty
  • Individuals denied entry for membership in a totalitarian party
  • Individuals accused of immigration fraud
  • Individuals denied entry on some criminal grounds
  • Individuals denied entry for health and wellness reasons
  • Individuals applying for lawful permanent resident status

While all of these categories fall under the authority of the waiver, each person’s individual circumstances play a huge part in whether the waiver gets approved or denied. In many cases, those who see their waivers denied did not properly prepare and research the issues at hand before they filed.

Protect your rights

It is important to plan carefully and use all the resources you have to help walk you through the immigration process, or you may lose valuable opportunities. Be sure to review all of the documents from your immigration journey and use good legal tools and guidance to keep your rights protected. Ensure that you have the highest chances of success as you work to enter the country legally and create a good life for yourself and those you love.