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US immigration law allows for marriage-based green cards

Most people hope that they will one day find the loves of their lives. Fortunately, numerous Louisiana residents are able to do so. Of course, if that love involves a person who came to the United States as an immigrant, there may be additional barriers to address. For instance, if a person wants to obtain a marriage-based green card, he or she will need to follow the procedures under U.S. immigration law.

Falling in love can often feel like whirlwind, and before many people know it, they are ready to get married. When the marriage involves an immigrant, the union could allow for an adjustment of status. However, if the application for a marriage-based green card is not filed correctly, it is highly likely that it will be rejected.

Other issues that could lead to rejection include failing to prove that the U.S. citizen can provide financial support, not qualifying for the visa for certain reasons or not being able to prove that the marriage is valid. Issues could even arise if officials have suspicions regarding the timeliness or manner in which the application is filed. As many people can see, this process is very precarious.

In efforts to take the right steps at the right time, couples looking to obtain a marriage-based green card may want to ensure that they have the right help. U.S. immigration law attorneys in Louisiana can provide valuable information on how the process for adjusting someone’s immigrant status works and what actions could hinder the process. Having a legal advocate could also prove useful in the event that questions regarding the legitimacy of the application arise.