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Release date given to flight attendant in immigration detention

Immigrants in Louisiana and across the country face many uncertainties. Even if they believe that they are safe and secure from immigration detention, deportation or other similar possibilities, they may be shocked to find themselves in such scenarios. As a result, they may need assistance to find the best ways to handle their ordeals.

It was recently reported that a 28-year-old woman found herself in such a serious predicament. According to reports, the woman from Peru with her family when she was 3 years old. She was living in the United States and working as a flight attendant under the privileges provided by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. However, the current presidential administration ended new enrollment for the program and no longer promised that those currently protected would gain legal reentry into the United States if they left.

As part of her flight attendant duties, the woman went to Mexico, but she was later denied reentry into the United States and was held in immigration detention for over a month. She had obtained an attorney to help with her situation, and at the time of the report, she had been given a release date. U.S. Customs and Immigration Services did not provide comment for the report.

Unfortunately, many individuals who have come to the United States for protection or better lives in general are often reminded that their situations are precarious. Even if they believe they have government-sanctioned protections, changes in laws and policies could easily put them at risk for immigration detention or other serious issues. Individuals who are having to deal with such predicaments may want to work with legal advocates in Louisiana to find the best solutions to their immigration problems.