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Family immigration can depend on filing paper work on time

Becoming a permanent resident in the United States can give immigrants opportunities that they did not previously have. Family immigration can often help achieve this status. Of course, the proper steps need to be followed in order for individuals in Louisiana and across the country to effectively adjust their statuses.

In particular, individuals need to make sure that they file their paperwork at the appropriate times. If a person is attempting to become a permanent resident through the help of a relative, it is important to know his or her priority date. In cases of relative-sponsored status adjustments, the priority date is the date that the sponsor filed the immigrant petition. When filing the Form I-485, individuals can file their form at the same time that their relatives file Form I-130.

An immediate relative must file the appropriate form in order to work toward a family-sponsored adjustment of status for permanent residency. Filing paperwork with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services can be difficult, especially if individuals do not know the exact forms they need to use or the dates when they need to file. Though information is available for these steps, it can be confusing to many.

Fortunately, individuals trying to utilize family immigration in order to adjust their statuses in the United States do not have to struggle through the process alone. Experienced attorneys can help interested parties ensure that they use the correct forms and file at the right time. Individuals in Louisiana who are ready to move forward with adjusting their statuses may want to utilize local legal resources for help.