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Lack of legal representation problematic in immigration detention

U.S. immigration laws are complex. They are constantly being updated, making it difficult for the typical person, much less someone with a language barrier, to stay updated on such matters. This can cause high levels of stress for anyone in Louisiana facing immigration detention situations.

Anyone who is incarcerated in the United States is entitled to legal representation. A recent study states that immigrants who are being locked up in detention centers for supposed violations of U.S. immigration laws are not being afforded the same legal protections others facing charges for criminal offenses are provided. In the past 20 years, the number of immigrants placed in detention is five times higher than it used to be. Some say this increase was prompted by the policies initiated by the current presidential administration.

The current daily population in the average immigration detention facility has reportedly reached nearly 45,000 people. In fact, the proposed 2019 U.S. federal budget is said to include requests for more funding in order to supply such facilities with 52,000 more beds. Sadly, many immigrants have complained about physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse while in the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Reports of substandard medical care, labor practice violations and other human rights offenses have also been filed. Anyone facing immigration detention in Louisiana or elsewhere still has legal rights, and an attorney experienced in protecting the right of immigrants can help. Any man or woman currently facing such problems can reach out for legal support to bring the situation to the attention of the proper authorities.