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How to keep stress to a minimum in the family immigration process

Many Louisiana residents are currently preparing to try to sponsor their relatives so they can come to the United States to live. It is critical that anyone entering the U.S. from another country of origin first gets all the necessary paperwork in order; otherwise, numerous types of legal problems may arise. Even when applications follow all the rules regarding family immigration, complications still sometimes occur, which can cause delays or impediment to legal entrance into this state or any other.

Family-based immigration is a primary means of obtaining visas to legally enter the U.S. The basic premise for application typically includes a U.S. citizen acting as a sponsor for a non-citizen relative living abroad. There are various categories of visas, however, and it is possible to qualify for one but not another.

A person wishing to sponsor a relative has to file a petition with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, an agency within the Department of Homeland Security. The process can be made less stressful by relying on experienced legal guidance and support. An attorney well versed in U.S. immigration law is a great asset in such situations.

The Shelby Law Firm, in Louisiana, often helps people overcome legal obstacles regarding family immigration or other immigrant-related issues. Our experienced legal team consists of members who are fluent in multiple languages, which can be of great assistance to those who are still struggling to achieve fluency in English. By requesting a meeting, you can take the first steps toward helping your loved one begin a new lifestyle in the United States.