U.S. immigration law: Some immigrants fear it

For those who were born and raised in Louisiana or other U.S. locations, it may be difficult to imagine the fear and stress many immigrants experience when they arrive in the United States. U.S. immigration law is complex and often changes. Navigating the immigration process can be quite daunting, leaving some to question whether they want to brave crossing a border or should simply return to their countries of origin.

Stories of dire circumstances and mistreatment from Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents often prompt such worry. A man or woman standing at a U.S. border, deciding whether or not to cross, may hear that people have been chained up, families separated or others denied medical treatment in various detention facilities throughout the nation. In fact, some immigrants say they suffered physical abuse at the hands of ICE officials. There have also been several fatalities, which immigrant advocates claim were caused by lack of appropriate medical care.

An ICE spokesperson said the agency takes its role in providing proper medical care and safety to detainees quite seriously. She also said the agency aggressively investigates any allegation of ill-treatment. One state representative said there needs to be more oversight and accountability regarding how federal funds are being used, especially in for-profit detention centers that are privately owned, as well as how immigrants are being treated in such facilities.

If a Louisiana resident believes his or her rights have been violated or is facing a current problem related to U.S. immigration law, there may be several options to rectify the situation. Determining a best course of action may be easier if the person in question enlists the aid of an experienced immigrant advocate. Thankfully, there are support networks in place that are fully equipped to address all aspects of the immigration process.