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Minor flees immigration detention in another state

Many Louisiana immigrants are currently trying to rectify situations that have led to their own or their loved ones’ detainments. Immigration detention centers in this and many other states are often filled to capacity, if not overflowing, especially since many areas have experienced an increase in Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrests in recent months. A troubling incident occurred recently in another state, involving a teenage girl who reportedly fled ICE custody.

The child had been taken out of the detention center where she was being held, so that she could go to an eye doctor appointment. Officials say the girl took off running as they were leading her into the vision center. She apparently made her way to a local auto body shop where she entered and crouched down in a corner to hide.

The owner of the business then contacted his sister because he felt she’d be able to converse with the girl. The woman spoke with the frightened teenager and told her brother that the child said she was all alone in the United States, with no family. The adults who were present offered the girl food and water but were unable to convince her to come out of the corner. She was ultimately led back to the detention center when local police officers arrived at the scene.

There are many teenagers in immigration detention centers in Louisiana and other states. Some have been separated from their parents; others, like the girl in this case, have crossed U.S. borders unaccompanied by adults. Whether under age 18 or of legal adult age, anyone facing similar legal status problems may reach out for immediate legal support.