Asylum application must be completed within a year of US arrival

Every year, tens of thousands of people arrive in the United States, hoping to find safe places to build better lives for themselves and their families. Many of them come to Louisiana or some other state in fear for their lives due to violence, persecution and poverty in their countries of origin. Some are being hunted by angry government officials who want to retaliate against them for their religious or political views. The U.S. government extends a helping hand to many immigrants in such circumstances through the asylum process.

As with most immigration programs, there are eligibility requirements that must be fulfilled before asylum is granted. For instance, an immigrant must apply for this protected legal status within a year of his or her arrival in the United States. There are some exceptions that may apply due to extenuating circumstances, but the 1-year time frame is typical for most cases.

Your own legal status is irrelative when seeking asylum. You may be residing in the U.S. with all your paperwork in order, or you may have crossed a border without first securing a legal status. Either way, you may still request asylum if you meet application qualifications. Once your application is received, you will be scheduled for an immigration interview.

Knowing that you have a lot at stake, you may wish to seek legal representation before attending your asylum interview. Many Louisiana families find such assistance helpful, especially if they have significant language barriers that may make a question and answer type situation quite challenging. The Shelby Law Firm is committed to helping you achieve your long-term immigration goals.