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US immigration law makes headlines following high court ruling

Many Louisiana families include one or more immigrants currently facing possible deportation. Some may have already been forced to say goodbye to family members who were deported following criminal convictionsin the United States. U.S. Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch cast his vote in a recent decision that tipped the majority to hold that the U.S. immigration law regarding deportations against convicted criminals is unconstitutional because it is vaguely written.

Immigrant advocates applauded the five to four ruling, calling it a major victory for immigrants nationwide. Those who opposed the decision say that striking down this law impedes the federal government’s ability to keep U.S. residents safe from violent crimes. As with most topics pertaining to immigration, opinions on both sides of the issue often lead to zealous debates.

Justice Gorsuch spoke to reporters after casting his vote, saying vague laws must always be avoided because they often lead the way to arbitrary power. Those celebrating the recent ruling as a victory say thousands of immigrants may now be spared being torn from their families and forced to leave the country without due process. The court reviewed the situation once before, but the justices were deadlocked in their votes; that is, until Justice Gorsuch took his seat on the high court and the issue was revisited.

Many Louisiana residents understand firsthand how challenging it can be to overcome various legal problems related to U.S. immigration law. Facing possible deportation is usually quite stressful and frightening. Many immigrants will be glad to know there are support networks available to help them navigate the removal process.

Source: The New York Times, “Justice Gorsuch Joins Supreme Court’s Liberals to Strike Down Deportation Law“, Adam Liptak, April 17, 2018