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Woman seeking asylum has been detained again

A woman in another state who was brought to the United States as a child has spent the majority of her life here. In fact, many of her older relatives are U.S. citizens. She, herself, has sought asylum, but she has run into several legal problems in recent years. Louisiana asylum seekers may want to keep tabs on this case.

In 2012, the woman did some time in jail and in an immigration detention center after the court convicted her for drunk driving. She fulfilled her sentence and was released. After her release, the court ordered the woman to report to the Immigration Customs and Enforcement agency every three months.

During one of her recent regular ICE meetings, officials took her into custody and sent her to another immigration detention facility. Advocates rallying for her release say her family has a long-standing residence in the U.S., and the woman herself has strong ties to the United States. The woman sought asylum a while back, stating that she fears a return to Mexico would leave her at risk for persecution because of her political associations in the United States.

The woman’s work in the U.S. includes promoting immigrant and reproductive rights, which she claims are interwoven topics. She is definitely not the only immigrant currently facing asylum complications. Many families have been devastated by ICE officials taking away one or more of their loved ones. Those in Louisiana in need of experienced guidance to help overcome an immigration-related problem can reach out for support from experienced immigration and naturalization law attorneys.

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