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Immigration detention investigation results in tragedy

Louisiana readers who are currently concerned about immigration legal status situations can likely relate to a couple who recently went through a frightening experience in another state. The immigration detention investigation ended in great tragedy. It began when the couple, who happen to both be immigrants, were leaving a residence to go out and seek employment.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents stopped them, claiming that the man fit a description of another immigrant they were looking for at the time. The 35-year-old man and 33-year-old woman pulled their car to the side of the road in compliance with the officers’ attempt to stop them. Details were not provided regarding which person was driving the sports utility vehicle when the stop occurred.

The couple apparently grew extremely frightened when they witnessed ICE agents exiting their vehicle and approaching their SUV. The couple then allegedly fled the scene. Sadly, the couple’s vehicle careened off the road at some point, resulting in a collision with a power line post nearby. Both occupants of the SUV were killed upon impact.

Perhaps the most tragic detail of this particular situation is that ICE agents later admitted the man in the SUV was not the man they were searching for regarding their immigration detention investigation. Immigrants in Louisiana and elsewhere may have similar fears and worries about encountering ICE officers as they go about their daily routines and activities. Anyone wishing to discuss a particular legal matter may reach out for support from an experienced immigration and naturalization law attorney.

Source: CNN, “Couple killed in crash while fleeing from immigration agents“, Cheri Mossburg, Nicole Chavez, March 15, 2018