US immigration law may provide for protection of your status

Many immigrants in Louisiana and elsewhere throughout the country are currently facing situations that threaten their abilities to remain in the United States. U.S. immigration law is complex; however, when you know your rights and how to access support resources, you may be able to resolve your immigration problems. For some people, a U visa is the answer, at least temporarily.

The U visa is a special means for obtaining temporary legal status protection. It’s available in certain situations where undocumented immigrants are facing possible deportation. It’s an isolated visa, however, that is only available to those who have been victims of violent crimes.

A key factor in successful navigation of the U visa system to learn whether you qualify to apply often lies in reaching out for legal support. An experienced immigration and naturalization law attorney is well-versed and up-to-date on U.S. immigration laws. Discussing your options with an attorney may open doors toward a status adjustment you didn’t know existed.

Where U visas are concerned, you must have been a victim of a crime in the United States, or one committed abroad by a U.S. citizen. You must also agree to cooperate with U.S. immigration law officials, and assist investigators and prosecutors in their quests to secure convictions against those suspected of criminal wrongdoing in connection with your situation. Shelby Law Firm, in Louisiana, is fully equipped and prepared to help you investigate whether you are a candidate for the U visa program and can also assist you in any other aspect of the immigration process.