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K-4 visa: Family immigration tool for bringing children to US

During an emigration journey, there may be intervals of time where family members are separated from each other. The family immigration process is often complex and various visas may be needed for specific family members to secure lawful entrance to Louisiana or anywhere else in the Country. The K-4 visa is a particular status that allows some parents to bring their children to the United States.

The main qualifying factor to apply for a child’s K-4 visa is that the parent must first be a K-3 visa holder. This is a visa given to non-immigrant spouses of U.S. citizens. This is a temporary status that allows the spouse to reside in the country while a permanent visa is being processed. A parent who possesses a K-3 visa may, if other requirements are met, be able to obtain a K-4 visa to bring a child across the border.

The child in question must be the child of the K-3 visa holder. Children who are under age 21 or unmarried are eligible. The K-4 visa allows the holder to await visa processing in the United States and also to seek a work permit or travel abroad, then return.

A K-4 visa typically expires in two years or when the child who holds the visa reaches age 21. Expiration is activated upon whichever event occurs first. There are many forms and other stipulations that are pertinent to this family immigration application process. A Louisiana parent wanting to know more about it may consult with an experienced immigration attorney.

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