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Questions regarding U.S. immigration law?

Leaving your country of origin and coming to Louisiana to live and work may have been a very stressful experience. Whether your plans were carefully thought out and all appropriate paperwork secured before crossing the borders of the United States, or your entrance was more of an abrupt and urgent situation, there will likely be many challenges lying ahead of you as your seek to rebuild your life in America. U.S. immigration law is complex and often changes; therefore, it’s good to know where to turn for support if needed.

People emigrate to the United States for various reasons. Some wish to invest in the economy by starting their own businesses here. Others arrive with immediate plans to marry U.S. citizens. There are also those who fear for their lives in their native lands; thus, when they come to the United States, it is to escape imminent violence, danger and poverty.

Perhaps your legal status has recently been called into question. Did you get pulled over by a police officer in a traffic stop and then taken into custody for allegedly being unable to show proper identification? If so, you are definitely not the first person to experience this type of incident.

Sometimes, an immigration-related problem is due to a mere clerical mistake or misunderstanding. When you know how to access available support networks, it can make rectifying the situation a lot easier. An experienced immigration and naturalization law attorney is used to helping people in situations like yours.

Shelby Law Firm has successfully represented many Louisiana residents as they try to overcome various complications related to U.S. immigration law. A careful review of your particular case allows us to determine how best to proceed to address whatever matter has caused your immigration-related legal problem. You can request a meeting by using the contact form conveniently located on our website.