U.S. immigration law offers U visas to victims of crimes

When a person emigrates to Louisiana from another country of origin, it may be to escape violence or abject poverty conditions. Fleeing to the United States is often a last ditch effort to survive and strive for a better life. U.S. immigration law is quite strict regarding those who enter the nation without documentation, however.

This leads to many legal problems for some. There are situations where people finally set roots in this state or other states, only to become victims of violent crimes here in America. In such cases, the federal government often allows such victims to apply for U visas, which allow them temporary protection against deportation.

Typically, to be eligible for a U visa, a crime victim must be willing to aid prosecutors in their quests for convictions against any and all deemed responsible for the crime in question. The protection offered to victims of mental or physical abuse often extends to victims’ family members as well. There are other eligibility requirements, including that the location of the crime must have been within the United States.

U.S. immigration law often changes; therefore, it is typically best to seek clarification ahead of time if you’re planning on submitting a U visa application in Louisiana or addressing some other immigration issue in court. Shelby Law Firm is fully equipped to provide thorough, focused assistance in all aspects related to immigration regulations. By requesting a consultation, you may be able to take your first steps toward overcoming your current immigration problems.