When immigration detention prompts the need for legal help

Many undocumented immigrants in Louisiana (and elsewhere) try to keep very low profiles as they go about their daily lives. The circumstances under which each arrived in this state greatly vary; however, many share common journeys that include escaping abject poverty and imminent danger in their countries of origin. Living in the United States without appropriate legal status places one at great risk for immigration detention problems.

There have also been shocking stories in recent years of documented immigrants being detained and threatened with deportation. Many of the nation’s immigration detention centers are said to be hazardous to human health due to unclean conditions and grossly negligent regarding safety and appropriate medical care for detainees. Many families throughout the state are currently fighting for the release of one or more members of their households.

The removal proceedings process is often complex and slow to progress. A person may be forced to reside in a detained situation for many months. In the meantime, his or her family may be left nearly destitute, especially if the person detained is a sole breadwinner in the family.

In Louisiana, Shelby Law Firm is committed to advocating on behalf of those facing immigration detention problems in this state. We understand the urgency of your situation and are fully prepared to help you obtain as positive an outcome as possible. Our main goal is to help your family get life back on track and to assist you in trying to overcome any obstacles that have arisen regarding your legal status.