US immigration law encompasses U visa issues

The police department in a major city outside Louisiana recently weighed in on a particular immigration topic. As many readers are aware, U.S. immigration law changes often and can be difficult to understand. The issue police department spokesman was discussing is of high priority to many immigrants in this state: U visas.

Interestingly, officials in this particular state say they’ve seen at least a 12 percent (or more) increase in applications for U visas over a five-year span. Although the U visa program was implemented almost two years ago, many people are still not familiar with it. Others have firsthand or experience, or know someone who has, with the system meant to protect undocumented immigrants who are victims of crimes in the United States.

The New York Police Department issued a recent statement, saying it has witnessed a tremendous surge in the number of people seeking this type of status. They would know, as immigrants often come to them seeking certification for their applications. Police provide the proof needed to confirm that applicants are crime victims. From there, they must also agree to aid law enforcement officers in their investigations.

Clarifying what U.S. immigration law has to say about U visas is much easier if one turns to someone well-versed in such laws. Anyone in Louisiana facing immigration-related problems may reach out for support from an experienced immigration and naturalization law attorney. Both documented and undocumented immigrants may find such counsel helpful, rather than trying to resolve complex problems on their own.

Source: New York Daily News, “NYPD sees surge in immigrant crime victims seeking special visas“, James Fanelli, July 28, 2017