Immigration detention: something many Louisiana immigrants fear

When you leave your country of origin and move to a foreign land, it’s to be expected that there will be challenges along the way. From learning a new language to assimilating oneself into the culture and customs of another country, immigrants who have trod the path before understand how overwhelming it can be. Even for those whose transitions in Louisiana have been greatly successful, there are often lingering fears that can’t be shaken; many immigrants say their biggest worry is immigration detention.

When a person is sent to an immigration detention center, it is usually because his or her status is being called into question. Sometimes, families are torn apart when a single member is detained and others are left to worry at home as to whether their father, mother, aunt, uncle or other loved one will be deported. Some say even getting so much as a minor traffic ticket is enough to make them fearful that their status will be threatened.

There are even situations where documented immigrants somehow wind up in detention facilities. In certain circumstances, such as when an immigrant is granted a protected status, removal is not allowed. The average immigrant, especially one for whom language poses a significant barrier, may not fully understand U.S. immigration law in order to know what the most viable option in a particular situation might be.

Shelby Law Firm is committed to assisting Louisiana immigrants as they face problems regarding immigration detention, visa issues or any other matter concerning their statuses. An attorney can act on an immigrant’s behalf in a removal hearing. As a persona advocate, an attorney can also guide him or her through any necessary process when seeking an adjustment of status or citizenship.