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Split opinions re plans to build immigration detention facility

Management & Training Corporation is a company that manages private prisons and Job Corps centers throughout the country, including one in Louisiana. The contractor has proposed a plan for a new immigration detention center out west and not everyone is happy about it. Some say construction of a new facility could boost local economy while others have serious concerns about the private prison company because they say its reputation is less than stellar.

Immigration detention need not always lead to deportation

If a person is living in Louisiana without proper documentation after having emigrated here from another country, it can make for an extremely stressful situation. There is definitely an increased risk for immigration detention in such situations, which causes many people to avoid certain people, places and events. For instance, many undocumented immigrants say they try never to go places where they may be required to show evidence of their legal statuses.

Governor in another state probes immigration detention issue

There are likely a number of people in Louisiana who are currently worried about immigration problems. Some may have family members (or may themselves be) facing immigration detention situations that could result in deportation and permanent separation of loved ones. A situation in another state involves a man with no criminal record who was arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials after he gave an interview regarding another person's arrest.

Hundreds against plans for immigration detention facility

In Louisiana and across the country immigration continues to be a hot button issue. At  recent town meeting in another state, approximately 300 people showed up to oppose a proposed construction project. Under the proposal, local farmland would be converted into an immigration detention facility. 

Immigration detention puts children at risk for losing parents

Millions of children in the United States, including some in Louisiana, are born and raised in households that contain undocumented immigrants. In many families, it is one or both parents themselves who came here to start new lives but did not have paperwork in order when they did so. This type of situation can place children at risk if a parent or both parents are taken into custody for immigration detention.

U visa may help you avoid immigration detention

If you are an immigrant living in Louisiana, you may be able to relate to others who say they often worry about deportation. It's definitely a hot topic and often the center of great controversy in political discussions and even those held in private circles. There appears to have been an increase in immigration detention situations in recent months. However, some people avoid detainment when they apply for U visas.

Immigration detention led to military veteran's deportation

A family in another state was recently reunited after having been separated for a long time. Many Louisiana residents may relate to the situation, which began with one member of this particular family being sent to an immigration detention center. Fathers, mothers, and even children continue to be detained across the United States, which has prompted immigration advocates to call for system reform.

Government places 10-year-old girl in immigration detention

Any parent who has witnessed his or her child suffering from a medical ailment understands how heartbreaking it can be. Most Louisiana parents would do just about anything to get their sick children the help they need to get well again, even if that means admitting them to hospitals for surgery. One child, age 10, recently underwent surgery in another state for removal of her gallbladder. From there, rather than being sent home to recuperate with loving family members, she was ordered into immigration detention.

Immigration detention, release, and criminal charges

Some time ago, a high court in another state ruled that local law enforcement agencies could not hold an immigrant in detainment based solely on a request from Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials. One man's immigration detention made the news in Louisiana and throughout the nation at the time, which is what ultimately led to that ruling. The same man wound up being detained by ICE for several months as officials tried to secure his removal.

Immigration detention may impact children's mental health

Many families in Louisiana have had one or more of their members taken away by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials. Stories of aggressive arrests and children watching in horror from the sidelines as events transpire are rampant in neighborhoods, schools and communities where many immigrants live. Most advocates agree that immigration detention situations can have lasting, negative effects on children who witness them.

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