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Immigration detention may impact children's mental health

Many families in Louisiana have had one or more of their members taken away by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials. Stories of aggressive arrests and children watching in horror from the sidelines as events transpire are rampant in neighborhoods, schools and communities where many immigrants live. Most advocates agree that immigration detention situations can have lasting, negative effects on children who witness them.

Immigration detention concern of many in Louisiana

U.S. immigration laws are not set in stone; in fact, these laws are constantly evolving and a number are likely to change in the near future. Immigration detention is a process that has also gone through many changes in recent years. Most recently, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program is slated to end in the near future, causing many Louisiana immigrants to worry.

Immigration detention issue brings West Coast sheriff under fire

Many immigrants in Louisiana are concerned about deportation. It's apparently no different on the West Coast, where word has it that a current immigration detention problem has many people on edge and has also drawn negative attention to a local sheriff's department in one particular county. The issue has to do with important documents that certain immigrants were reportedly unable to access when they needed them.

When immigration detention prompts the need for legal help

Many undocumented immigrants in Louisiana (and elsewhere) try to keep very low profiles as they go about their daily lives. The circumstances under which each arrived in this state greatly vary; however, many share common journeys that include escaping abject poverty and imminent danger in their countries of origin. Living in the United States without appropriate legal status places one at great risk for immigration detention problems.

Immigration detention: something many Louisiana immigrants fear

When you leave your country of origin and move to a foreign land, it's to be expected that there will be challenges along the way. From learning a new language to assimilating oneself into the culture and customs of another country, immigrants who have trod the path before understand how overwhelming it can be. Even for those whose transitions in Louisiana have been greatly successful, there are often lingering fears that can't be shaken; many immigrants say their biggest worry is immigration detention.

Sheriff's department makes announcement re immigration detention

Thousands of immigrants live in detainment centers in Louisiana and other parts of the United States. Other immigrants (like many U.S. citizens) get arrested and taken to county jails as well. In certain circumstances, their arrests may lead to removal hearings. In one particular county, a sheriff recently announced that his department's policy regarding immigration detention is changing.

When can an immigrant be detained?

If you have loved ones in Baton Rouge who recently entered the country or are preparing to do so, the ultimate fear you may share with them is the potential of being detained. Your concerns may be well justified. According to information shared by the Department of Homeland Security, 352,882 people were detained by immigration enforcement agents in 2016. Why can an immigrant bet detained? There are a number of different reasons, yet it may comfort you to know that not all detentions automatically results in deportations.

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