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Activists call foul play in immigration detention dispute

Many immigrant advocates in Louisiana and throughout the nation are speaking out regarding a recent situation that they say is evidence that the U.S. government is unfairly targeting certain groups of people for possible deportation. One man, who happens to be news reporter, was locked up in an Immigration and Customs Enforcement center in this state following another incident where he was arrested and then released after charges against him were dismissed. Instead of setting him free, his jailers handed him over to ICE officials, who then took him to an immigration detention facility in this state.  

Change in immigration detention policy angers advocates

Immigrant advocates in Louisiana may be among others in the nation who recently expressed anger and frustration over the new ICE policies. The immigration detention situation has brought many immigrant advocates forward to say they believe recent changes are unfair to pregnant women. In the past three months, more than 500 expectant mothers have navigated the immigration detention process.  

Men say their immigration detention is unjust; they want U visas

Years ago, two men entered the United States from Mexico. Later, they were convicted of murder after confessing to the killings of two people. However, they adamantly claimed that their confessions were forced through physical abuse and torture from investigators. The situation took a drastic turn recently when, after spending years behind bars, the men were released from prison and hope to avoid deportation. Some Louisiana residents may currently be facing similar immigration detention issues.

Immigration detention investigation results in tragedy

Louisiana readers who are currently concerned about immigration legal status situations can likely relate to a couple who recently went through a frightening experience in another state. The immigration detention investigation ended in great tragedy. It began when the couple, who happen to both be immigrants, were leaving a residence to go out and seek employment.

Many Louisiana families distraught over immigration detention

One can only imagine the grief of being at home, or some public place, with family members, enjoying time together, when immigration officials suddenly show up and place a father, mother or other family member in handcuffs. Incidents like this happen all the time in Louisiana and across the country, with many people locked in immigration detention facilities and subject to deportation. There have even been immigrants who entered the United States legally only to be arrested and slated for removal; many have been able to rectify their situations, but not without great challenge.

Immigration detention situation makes national headlines

Louisiana readers may be surprised to learn that immigration officers do not need warrants to board buses at Greyhound stations to search vehicle compartments or the people on board. This type of situation happens all the time. In fact, a recent incident led to the arrest of a business owner and former fire fighter. The man also happens to be an undocumented immigrant, and he now sits in an immigration detention facility. 

Split opinions re plans to build immigration detention facility

Management & Training Corporation is a company that manages private prisons and Job Corps centers throughout the country, including one in Louisiana. The contractor has proposed a plan for a new immigration detention center out west and not everyone is happy about it. Some say construction of a new facility could boost local economy while others have serious concerns about the private prison company because they say its reputation is less than stellar.

Immigration detention need not always lead to deportation

If a person is living in Louisiana without proper documentation after having emigrated here from another country, it can make for an extremely stressful situation. There is definitely an increased risk for immigration detention in such situations, which causes many people to avoid certain people, places and events. For instance, many undocumented immigrants say they try never to go places where they may be required to show evidence of their legal statuses.

Governor in another state probes immigration detention issue

There are likely a number of people in Louisiana who are currently worried about immigration problems. Some may have family members (or may themselves be) facing immigration detention situations that could result in deportation and permanent separation of loved ones. A situation in another state involves a man with no criminal record who was arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials after he gave an interview regarding another person's arrest.

Hundreds against plans for immigration detention facility

In Louisiana and across the country immigration continues to be a hot button issue. At  recent town meeting in another state, approximately 300 people showed up to oppose a proposed construction project. Under the proposal, local farmland would be converted into an immigration detention facility. 

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