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Obtaining a U visa may not be as easy as hoped

Many immigrants have a fear of working with the police. They may worry that their immigration status will come into question and that they will end up facing detention, deportation or other negative outcomes. However, some individuals could benefit from working with law enforcement if it enables them to qualify for a U visa, which is a special visa for victims of crimes who help the police during the investigation.

As many Louisiana residents likely know, this type of visa could be immensely beneficial for individuals hoping to stay in the United States legally. Unfortunately, it appears as if this option is not being used as well as it could be. One woman gave her account of how two intruders entered her home and robbed the family of their savings and cellphones. The woman worked with police in hopes of applying for U visa afterward.

When the time came for the police to corroborate her participation in the investigation, they refused to verify that she had helped. Apparently, her outcome is not that unusual as an investigation found that one in four law enforcement agencies makes it more difficult for individuals to obtain U visas. Even those who do obtain a certificate and apply can wait over a decade to obtain approval.

U visa could be a lifeline that many people need, and after being the victim of a crime and helping law enforcement, it can be an appropriate benefit. If Louisiana residents believe that they could qualify for this help, they may want to find out more information on this specific visa. Consulting with immigration law attorneys may be useful with this complicated endeavor.