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Knowing their rights could help immigrants during ICE interaction

Many individuals who came to the United States looking for better lives may feel as if they are only facing more turmoil. Unfortunately, it seems as if there are threats to the livelihood of immigrants living in Louisiana and other parts of the country every day. Indeed, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials are set to begin rounding up individuals, so it is wise for individuals to understand their rights.

Even individuals who immigrated to the United States have certain rights, especially when it comes to how law enforcement addresses them. For instance, individuals have the right to remain silent, and they do not have to open the door for ICE agents if the agents come to their homes. Agents only have the ability to search a residence if they have the proper search warrant, probable cause or a resident’s consent. Individuals do not have to consent to searches when asked.

Understanding one’s rights could go a long way in ensuring that they know how to handle this type of situation. Of course, when ICE agents show up at a person’s door, it can prove difficult to remain calm. If agents do take individuals into custody, it is important to remember that those parties have the right to an attorney.

Many immigrants may be living in fear and feel as if they are only moments away from facing deportation. Though this situation is certainly difficult, individuals may want to take the time to gain reliable information that could help them handle such an ordeal. Speaking with Louisiana immigration law attorneys may help concerned parties better understand their rights and options for action.