Further arguments made against asylum policy

Lately, it seems as if the tragic stories involving immigrants are constantly in the news. Unfortunately, many individuals trying to obtain asylum in Louisiana and other parts of the United States are continuing to face significant hardships as they try to make better lives for themselves. It also appears that their fights are far from over.

It was recently reported that the union for the U.S. asylum officers is attempting to put an end to the “return to Mexico” policy, officially known as the Migrant Protection Protocols, that the current presidential administration has put into effect regarding prospective asylees. The argument for the end of the policy indicated that the asylum officers have a duty to prevent persecuted individuals from returning to areas where they will face prosecution. However, the officers are now in a predicament in which they must either comply with policy or protect asylees.

Numerous individuals are facing difficulties and threats while they await the progression of their asylum cases on the other side of the border. The acting director of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services stated that the policy helps protect the ability to “provide humanitarian relief” to lawfully eligible individuals. The policy has been allowed to continue as an appeal of a lower court ruling that blocked the policy moves forward.

Numerous people rely on asylum to escape threats to their lives and their families’ lives. Unfortunately, what they may have once viewed as their hopeful escape may now seem like an insurmountable nightmare. Though policy changes and arguments for and against changes continue, individuals can still work on making better lives for themselves. Contacting Louisiana immigration law attorneys may help potential asylees work through their cases.