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Some in immigration detention face legal aid restrictions

Coming to the United States from another country is a major step. Unfortunately, the current political climate is making it difficult for individuals to feel welcome in Louisiana and other parts of the country, and many immigrants wind up in immigration detention. Understandably, they may feel frightened and uncertain during this time.

Numerous female asylum seekers in a detention center in another state are likely feeling this way. According to reports, their specific facility has apparently begun working against U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement standards by restricting detainees’ access to legal aid. One nonprofit legal services group claims that the facility has limited its abilities to interact with detainees, including those the group is trying to help with legal matters.

As a result of these restrictions, legal aids have faced delays in their meetings with clients, and in some cases, they have not been able to meet their clients until their time in the courtroom. Representatives for the facility indicated these restrictions were put in place because there has been an increase in detainees recently but that no standard provisions have been changed. Still, legal advocates indicate that they are able to assist far fewer individuals due to the restrictions.

Immigration detention can put many people on edge, and many immigrants need assistance from their legal counsel in order to fully understand their predicaments. As this situation indicates, obtaining much-needed help may not always come easy. Still, interested individuals may want to reach out to experienced Louisiana immigration attorneys to gain information on their legal options.