Mother and daughters celebrate reunion during asylum process

Within the past year, many Louisiana immigrants have arrived at U.S. borders as part of caravans of people who were fleeing violence and other life-threatening situations in their countries of origin. A mother and several daughters who arrived at a border in another state were placed in detention after seeking asylum. The woman also has another daughter, age 18, who was separately detained from the rest of her family.

The family members recently celebrated with other members of their new community after being released from detention and reunited with one another. The 18-year-old says she has not been in her country of origin for the past 13 years. She and her mother and siblings have reportedly been on the run, trying to escape gang violence.

Immigrant advocates, including a state representative, are trying to get U.S. immigration officials to treat this family’s situation as one case instead of processing the asylum request of the 18-year-old separate from her family. The state representative recently spoke to reporters, stating that he believes U.S. immigration law is in great need of reform. He further stated that the teenager should be allowed to be processed with her mother and sisters because she is still so young.

For now, new friends and other community members gathered to throw a party to celebrate the release of this mother and her daughters. They all hope that asylum will be granted to the family. Louisiana immigration law attorneys often provide support to families in this state who are facing similar legal status issues.