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Facing immigration detention problems in Louisiana?

If the U.S. government suspects you of unauthorized entry into the United States, it may take immediate action against you. Part of that action will likely involve taking you to an immigration detention facility in Louisiana or elsewhere. While your detention does not necessarily mean you are going to be deported, it definitely means it is a possibility, unless you are able to rectify your situation.

At some point after being detained, you will likely have to attend an interview with immigration officials. Whether you are able to stay in the U.S. and secure a visa or face deportation back to your country of origin depends on many factors. It is critical that you make a good impression on your interviewers. Do you know that you are allowed to bring an attorney to your interview?

If you have sought political asylum in the United States, then immigration detention will be a necessary part of the process. It is understandable that you might be fearful of the U.S. immigration detainment process, especially if you have been told stories about facilities that are unsanitary and guards that are abusive. If you have difficulty understanding and speaking English, it can only add to your stress.

The Shelby Law Firm in Louisiana is experienced in providing support to those facing immigration detention in this state. Our legal team understands the urgency in such situations, and we are fully prepared to act swiftly on your behalf. You may also rely on our team for Spanish and French translation as you navigate the immigration process.