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Woman who sought asylum worried her husband will be deported

A woman who emigrated from Guatemala to the United States recently told reporters about the many challenges she and her family have faced along the way. She came here seeking asylum; yet, not only has that not been granted, her husband, who also fled their country of origin, is now facing possible deportation. It all began when the woman’s family was supposedly threatened by gang members because she and her husband were affluent. They are now entangled in a situation to which many Louisiana residents can relate.

The woman is a licensed nurse and her husband is a business owner. She says they were doing pretty well financially, until gang members started demanding money while threatening them with violence. It reached a point where she and her husband, parents of two young children, determined they needed to seek asylum in the this country.

Reportedly, neither knew that adults crossing U.S. borders without papers are subject to criminal charges. The two adults in this situation, who traveled at separate times, each with one of their children, were detained. The daughter was separated from her family and, during her detention, experienced health problems. The woman said it was nearly impossible to get through to anyone to secure medical assistance for her daughter, whom she believed was suffering from an infected tooth.

Mother and daughter were eventually reunited, but the woman says she now worries her husband will be sent back to face more death threats. She hopes the U.S. government will grant asylum so her family can build a new life without worrying that someone is going to kill them. Many Louisiana immigrants have overcome similar immigration problems in the past, most of whom relied on experienced legal representation to help them find solutions.