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Inadmissibility: 7 reasons to understand

There are seven reasons why people may be inadmissible into the United States as foreign immigrants. Some of these reasons help protect the people already living in the country from illnesses or crimes, while others are a result of issues in your own past.

Understanding the types of inadmissibility could help determine if you can get a waiver to come to the United States despite your current status. Here are the eight possible reasons you could be inadmissible and ideas on what you can do to help yourself.

1. Health

Health is the first reason you may not be admissible into the country. Those who have communicable diseases that could affect the public will generally not be able to enter the country. The diseases that fall into the category are listed specifically. Some include active tuberculosis, infectious leprosy and infectious syphillis.

2. Crimes

If you’ve committed serious crimes in the past, you may not be admissible. Serious crimes are things such as murder or homicides, as determined by the United States government.

3. National security

If your presence in the United States is a threat to national security, it’s certain that you won’t be able to enter. However, there are exceptions. Understand that those who participated in genocide or the Nazi persecutions are inadmissible. Likewise, anyone who is part of a terrorist organization is not legally allowed to enter the United States.

4. Lack of certifications

It’s normal to need a labor certification when you come to the United States. If you have no skills, it will be hard to find work, so the government wants to see that you’re able and willing to work.

5. Unlawful past presence

If you entered the United States illegally in the past, you may have a restriction placed on you for a number of years or permanently. It’s a good idea to talk to your immigration attorney about the possibility of obtaining a waiver in the future.

6. Possibility of being a public charge

If you could end up having to use public services and benefits or otherwise be supported by the government, you may be refused entry.

7. Fraud

Fraud is a serious crime in the United States, and if it’s discovered that you’re trying to enter through fraudulent means or with fraudulent information, you will not be allowed admission.

These are just brief outlines of the reasons you may not be admitted into the United States. Your attorney can review your case to determine if there is anything you can do to obtain a waiver. If you have an immediate relative in the country already, that may help you obtain a waiver to enter.