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Governor in another state probes immigration detention issue

There are likely a number of people in Louisiana who are currently worried about immigration problems. Some may have family members (or may themselves be) facing immigration detention situations that could result in deportation and permanent separation of loved ones. A situation in another state involves a man with no criminal record who was arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials after he gave an interview regarding another person’s arrest.

The other person was his long-time girlfriend with whom he has several children. After she was arrested, she was ultimately deported to Mexico. At the time, the man in question was left to care for his children alone.

He believes his arrest was prompted by an interview he gave that pertained to his girlfriend’s situation. The governor of Washington, which is where the events took place, says he questioned ICE officials to make sure they were not acting in retaliation when they arrested the man. He has since said he is convinced they were not; ICE officials told him they knew the man was living under undocumented status when they arrested his girlfriend but did not pursue the matter because they knew he had children to take care of.

They further stated that since the children are no longer in the United States, they took action against the father who has lived here for many years without proper paperwork. An attorney representing the man says his client has absolutely no criminal record and has been a productive member of society in Washington for approximately 20 years. The attorney, as many others have done in Louisiana and beyond in past situations, is now working to help the man rectify his immigration detention problems.

Source: The Seattle Times, “No retaliation against immigrant who spoke to media, ICE director tells Inslee“, Steve Miletich, Dec. 22, 2017