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Can you thrive as a refugee in a new community?

If you are new to Louisiana and adjusting to life as a refugee in an unfamiliar community, you may have already experienced uncertainty. However, there are proactive steps you can take to find ways to contribute to your newfound surroundings, thrive in your aspirations and become a successful refugee.

The Huffington Post shared a story about one refugee who took her new freedom in stride and achieved entrepreneurial success. She shared some suggestions of things people like you can do to find happiness and recognize growth and learning. These include the following:

  • Recognize your strengths: Take time to write down your strengths and find ways to utilize them in building relationships, finding opportunities and creating a new routine. Additionally, be aware of your weaknesses so you can find ways to improve.
  • Be involved in the community: Use your new community to your advantage and find ways to be involved through volunteering of your time and efforts. Participating in community events is an excellent way to build relationships and strengthen your confidence.
  • Be a problem-solver: Even though it may be easy to point out problems, do your best to counteract each problem you discover with a viable solution. Doing so will help you to be positive and successful.

Above all, find something you are passionate about and do what it takes to follow your dreams. Spend time utilizing your talents and interests to build a lifestyle that replicates your passions and allows you optimal satisfaction and success.

The information in this article has been written as an educational resource and should not be interpreted as legal advice.