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US immigration law guidelines see changes to good moral character

Wanting to become a naturalized citizen is a more lofty goal that many people may realize. The process involved with naturalization is long and complex, and many people can wait…

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Obtaining asylum is not an easy goal to reach

Many people from other countries who are now living in Louisiana and other parts of the United States are proud of their cultural heritage. Unfortunately, some of them may not…

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Staying past visa expiration date violates US immigration law

Coming to the United States from another country can happen in various ways and for different reasons. Some people may come to Louisiana or other parts of the country for…

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It will now cost more to become citizens as application fees rise

When it comes to immigration, there are many legal hoops that often need addressing. Even if individuals want to become citizens, they will need to file the proper paperwork, provide…

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Increase in processing time, increase in fees for immigration

The cost of immigrating to the United States is prohibitive to some individuals, and it seems as though this is a trend that will continue. Recently, the United States Citizenship…

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Immigration detention centers face claim of unsanitary conditions

Being detained in any capacity can be nerve-wracking. When individuals from other countries come to the United States in hopes of finding help, they may end up in more difficult…

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