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Increase in processing time, increase in fees for immigration

The cost of immigrating to the United States is prohibitive to some individuals, and it seems as though this is a trend that will continue. Recently, the United States Citizenship…

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This is what you should know about seeking asylum

There is no question that U.S. politics have been in flux during the Trump Administration. With so many changes, it’s no wonder that many immigrants are worried about coming to…

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Immigration is negatively affected by America’s policies in 2019

If you previously wanted to come to the United States to live or already live here but want to bring your family, you may be sorely aware of how the…

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4 questions that tell the truth about immigration

Immigration, although it is often spoken about in a negative way, is something that the United States needs to survive. Immigrants coming from other countries bring new ideas and cultures…

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Seeking asylum: What to know about reaching the border

The United States has long provided safety to those who have to flee persecution. To obtain help and freedom from that persecution, a party can seek asylum. Asylum can help…

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Immigrant discrimination: Stand up for yourself

It’s the harsh reality that many people in America are treated as if they’re lesser than others as a result of being an immigrant or appearing to be an immigrant.…

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