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Asylum seekers continue to wait outside the borders

For many Louisiana residents, waiting is the hardest part when hoping that something will occur. For individuals seeking asylum in the United States, they may find themselves waiting for months…

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DNA testing may cause more complications for asylum seekers

Most people make some type of life-changing decision during their lives. These decisions can have minor or major impacts depending on the nature of the choices made. For individuals who…

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US government working to appeal block of asylum policy change

The current climate regarding immigration has numerous people in Louisiana and elsewhere on edge. In particular, individuals hoping to obtain asylum in the United States are undoubtedly focused on the…

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Asylum is not granted to just anyone

Many people often have mixed feelings about leaving home. They may feel sad or guilty about leaving their loved ones behind, or they may worry about leaving the security of…

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Asylum seekers may not have the plans they need before release

Fear can often spur individuals into taking drastic actions. For many people in other countries who are facing potential persecution, their fear can cause them to decide that seeking asylum…

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Man hoping for asylum says he fears being kidnapped

Immigration officials have dropped off hundreds of immigrants at a bus station in another state. Various advocate groups have stepped forward to help these people whose ultimate goal is to…

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