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Governor in another state probes immigration detention issue

There are likely a number of people in Louisiana who are currently worried about immigration problems. Some may have family members (or may themselves be) facing immigration detention situations that…

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Hundreds against plans for immigration detention facility

In Louisiana and across the country immigration continues to be a hot button issue. At recent town meeting in another state, approximately 300 people showed up to oppose a proposed…

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Immigration detention puts children at risk for losing parents

Millions of children in the United States, including some in Louisiana, are born and raised in households that contain undocumented immigrants. In many families, it is one or both parents…

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3 tips for choosing an imm. attorney you can trust

It’s hard to come to a new country and try to start over. You move your family, make new friends and potentially learn a second language. You do your best…

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U visa may help you avoid immigration detention

If you are an immigrant living in Louisiana, you may be able to relate to others who say they often worry about deportation. It’s definitely a hot topic and often…

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Asylum often stepping stone to citizenship in Louisiana

Many immigrants living in Louisiana are hoping to one day become naturalized citizens of the United States. Some arrived in this state through the asylum program. Not everyone is eligible…

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